Things They Don’t Tell You In School!


A little thought I have on school – this is my way of thinking even thou I study at Mexico’s “best university”, under my own initiative, paying for my own tuition.
I think that what they teach us in schools is inaccurate, they program us like computers and shut out our light.
Since children we are programed, and the teachers just push the keys. The school programs are like a virus, it destroys what we have inside us.
There is other ways our inner core can be destroyed such as too much stress, facing multiple tasks, less sleep and more anxiety…. And all this happens while studying.
In school they teach us how to go out there and work for someone else’s dream, not to create your own.
I have learned more from life, books and the mountains, than I have in 5 years of engineering. The mountains have shown me that everything is possible.
We need to be thought that we can do anything we desire… that everything we imagine can be a reality. Once you believe this, you can achieve great things.

Don’t let anyone tell you you’re dream is to big, or to small, we all have different dreams.
Its time to go back to basics, reading books, learning from nature, being a little less selfish and worrying a bit more on social problems, help the environment, etc.
Once you rediscover what you can do, you can achieve our full potential.